Read this article: Teaching Children to Calm Themselves

By: Amy Torchia, Children’s Advocacy Coordinator, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

In an effort to respond better to children who experience trauma, schools and early childhood programs are beginning to embrace trauma responsive approaches to working with children. It requires out of the box thinking and strategies to help teach kids how to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Living in homes where one parent abuses the other or being directly abused – sexually, physically, or emotionally – can be traumatic experiences for children. Children who experience chronic trauma are often Continue reading

Snapchat/ Snaphack resources for adults

By: Stephen McArthur, Advocate & Community Outreach Coordinator at Circle in Barre, Vermont

Circle has been committed to working with high school students for many years in schools throughout Washington County. We focus on many different topics all from the perspective of reducing and preventing teen dating violence while creating healthy relationship norms.

As part of this work, we have done several surveys with high schools students over the years. A recent one resulted in Continue reading

Survey Says: Start Early!

By: Bethany Pombar, Prevention Specialist, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report on intimate partner violence analyzing data from the groundbreaking 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS). With this new report comes some support for what advocates already knew- victims’ first experience of violence at the hands of a partner happens early.   The survey tells us: Continue reading

Peer Advocates: defeating this crisis

By: Emily Fredette, Educator at Women Helping Battered Women in Burlington, Vermont

“To me, becoming a Peer Advocate means much more than gaining a title.  Rather, the Peer Advocacy Program is a guiding light for an issue that’s all-too-common among my peers.  Hence, I want to not only support the strong survivors of dating violence, but to also spread awareness in hopes of defeating this crisis”

~ Vivian, Age 15, South Burlington High School

Vivian is just one of the four Peer Advocates that are choosing to Continue reading

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month!

Here’s what you can do…
  • Join youth, adults, and advocates all over the nation by taking time to talk together about what makes relationships healthy.  Here’s a conversation guide.
  • Follow this link to join a #NationalRespectAnnouncement campaign, which will send a media blast on twitter, facebook, and tumbler at 9am on Valentines day (Friday 2/14). Sign on with Thunderclap and it will automatically be posted on your social media accounts! (verified safe)
  • Watch this video with the young people in your lives and talk about what love is!

Are you an adult ally? Do you want to be an adult ally?

By: Carmen Fisher-Olvera, age 15, Intern at H.O.P.E. Works in Burlington, Vermont

Being an adult ally is very crucial to youth and children. The word “ally” means different things for different people. The most common response in a survey that I recently collected from children and teens ages 13-21, showed Continue reading

Adults as youth allies

By: Amy Torchia, Children’s Advocacy Coordinator, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

My 15 year old daughter said something to me last night.  She said, “You know, Mom, I just realized something.  Sometimes when I’m with other kids’ parents, I feel like I have to be on my best behavior and can’t really be myself…like in the car or whatever.   But, when my friends are with you, they Continue reading