Let’s talk about sexting

By: Savannah Williams, Advocate at Umbrella in Newport, Vermont

When the teens in our lives were younger, we had to remind them to cover their mouths while they are coughing, look both ways before they cross the street, don’t run with scissors and don’t talk to strangers. Today we have to include in our talks:

  • don’t post personal information on social networking sites,
  • only “friend” people that you know in real life,
  • and don’t pressure someone into sending or receiving a sext.

You’re probably wondering what a sext is, right? Well, sexting is sending or receiving a sexually explicit photo, video and/or message through an electronic device a.k.a. a sext. The electronic devices can range from cell phones, smart phones, computers, iPads and even gaming consoles.  It’s a form of communication that allows teens to feel like their conversations are going to be private; but of course with technology there is no guarantee that their privacy is going to be maintained. As with all the prevention work that we have been doing with teens since they were little, it is never too late to have a conversation with them about sexting.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new brochure to help adults talk to teens about sexting.  Please check out our new brochure : Talking To Your Teen About Sexting