Snapchat/ Snaphack resources for adults

By: Stephen McArthur, Advocate & Community Outreach Coordinator at Circle in Barre, Vermont

Circle has been committed to working with high school students for many years in schools throughout Washington County. We focus on many different topics all from the perspective of reducing and preventing teen dating violence while creating healthy relationship norms.

As part of this work, we have done several surveys with high schools students over the years. A recent one resulted in reporting by students of heavy use of Snapchat (60%), some use of SnapHack (not in the survey but anecdotal reporting from students), and the significant results in the survey about the sharing of revealing personal images (24%). For those who are unaware, SnapHack allows the recipient of a SnapChat photo to save it, rather than have it delete itself in 10 seconds, as SnapChat describes. has a Parent’s Guide to SnapChat that provides a good and honest discussion of all the ins and outs of this very popular app for tweens, teens and young adults.

The more parents, and guardians, and teachers (and students, of course) know about internet and technology safety issues the more aware we all can be of the potential pitfalls.