Eye of the Beholder

by guest youth writer Kyrsta Patnoe, intern/volunteer, Clarina Howard Nichols Center

Picture this; the cool summers wind blowing through your hair, your hands wrapped around their neck, and in that moment, everything is perfect. The moon shining down onto your bodies, the stars twinkling in the night, and the only sound to be heard is the soft music the two of you dance to. If you were to see two shadows dancing in the night, you wouldn’t think anything of it. Just two people madly in love, making some beautiful memories. You’d think the guy was being a romantic, but what if the porch light shined out, and you saw the two girls swaying to the beat of the music. Everything you felt before, gone?

It shouldn’t matter who you date, no matter the gender. Love is love, and when you feel it, nothing is ever going to change it. So what, you don’t like homosexuals? Don’t be one. You don’t like gay marriage? Don’t do it. What ever happened to this world supposedly having ‘freedom’? I think that thought was taken away when people had to fight for their rights. Rights to marry, to express who they truly are. How would you feel if the feelings you felt inside you were being bashed, being told that they were wrong, that what you were feeling was ‘just a faze’ how would that make you feel at the end of the day? Not easy to think about, huh? How would you like to be the couple who hides in the closet and dances when nobody’s watching because you’re afraid of not fitting in? How would you feel if you had to hide your love in public because you didn’t want to be looked down upon? People try to meet these social standards that are put out there by people who are no better than anyone else.

This world that we live in would be much better if everyone supported those who didn’t follow the ‘social norms’. There wouldn’t be people committing suicide because they’re afraid of their parents’ reactions. Kids wouldn’t be forced to hide away and be someone that they couldn’t stand to be. Acceptance is all we ask for, just accept that our ways are a little different than yours.

For resources for Queer Youth and information on how to be a good ally, please visit our friends at Outright Vermont!